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Waxenwolf SUP Paddle Boards has its origins in the Hawaiian Islands where the concept of stand-up paddle boarding first evolved from the longboards used by locals. Paddle boarding is now one of the fastest growing recreational activities across the globe.
Now Waxenwolf has put it's on-the-water expertise into developing an all-round recreational and fishing kayak. The range of Waxenwolf kayaks are designed for the family to get out on the fantastic New Zealand waters, have a good time and get a few hooks in the water.

Waxenwolf SUP Paddle Boards are constructed of high quality EPS and epoxy. This combination of materials gives strength while remaining as light as possible. All of our boards feature a durable three layer 6 ounce epoxy glass deck, and two layer 6 ounce epoxy glass bottom over an EPS core. The finished board has a beautiful lustre thanks to the final protective clear coat that is buffed and polished.

All Waxenwolf SUP Fibre Glass Paddle Boards include a pre-installed EVA deck pad, water gear venting handle, self-breathing vent cap and leg leash.

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